Tailored Business Van Insurance Solutions

If you require short-term business car insurance, our temporary cover offers a flexible solution to suit your needs.

Our cover includes business use, which allows you to drive a vehicle for business purposes for as long as you want (up to 30 days).

How Temporary Business Car Insurance Works

Securing temporary business car insurance is a breeze and takes just a few minutes. Follow these three simple steps:

1. Complete the Quote Form

Provide your name, UK address, date of birth, UK driving licence details, occupation, and the vehicle’s registration number.

2. Receive Your Quote

Specify the start and end dates for the cover to receive a tailored quote.

3. Purchase and Go!

Finalize your insurance purchase using your debit or credit card.

Understanding Business Car Insurance

Business car insurance in the UK is akin to standard car insurance but includes coverage for various work-related purposes. Unlike a regular policy, which typically only covers travel to and from a single workplace, business car insurance extends protection for tasks such as traveling between different locations, client visits, sales calls, and colleague commutes.

The good news is that business-use insurance is incorporated into our temporary car insurance policy at Temp Cover Now, making it ideal for temporary business travel needs.

Key Features of Our Business Car Insurance Cover

  • Borrowing a car for work on a day-to-day basis.
  • Utilizing a colleague’s car or a company vehicle for business visits.
  • Traveling to conferences, meetings, and training sessions outside your usual workplace.
  • Carpooling arrangements for business trips.
  • Transporting additional equipment or large items with a larger vehicle.
  • Borrowing a vehicle during repairs on your business vehicle.

Please note: Our cover does not extend to delivery use, door-to-door sales, or taxi usage, nor can it be used for hired vehicles.

Do You Need Business Car Insurance Alongside Your Annual Policy?

Typically, standard car insurance policies do not cover additional work-related travel beyond commuting to a single workplace. If your job involves multi-site visits, client meetings, or colleague travel, you’ll likely need to add business cover to your policy.

Common examples of policies that may not cover business use include those limited to social, domestic, and pleasure (SD&P) use or those with commuting cover only.

How Temp Cover Now Business Car Insurance Can Help You

Whether it is hourly, one-day or other short policies, we ensure that our solutions complement any existing annual insurance that you may have. Our business car insurance offers comprehensive coverage, making it a cost-effective solution.

If you have an existing SD&P policy, temporary business insurance can be a more economical choice for occasional business use of your personal vehicle.

Eligibility for Business or Company Car Insurance

Our policies generally cover drivers aged 18 to 75, as well as vehicles registered in the UK that fulfill vehicle and underwriting criteria. Vans weighing up to 3.5 tonnes GVW are eligible for coverage.

For more information on our business car insurance acceptance criteria, refer to our key documents below.

Cost of Business Car Insurance

Our temporary business insurance offers excellent value compared to adding business cover to your annual policy. The cost of your business car insurance depends on factors such as the duration of cover and the vehicle type.

Obtaining a quote for your business car insurance is quick and straightforward. Simply fill out our quote form with basic details and your required cover period, and we’ll provide a competitive price for your policy.

Why choose Temp Cover Now temporary business car insurance?

Consider the following benefits of our temporary business car insurance:

Coverage available from as little as one hour.

Standard SD&P included.

Affordable premiums and quick setup.

Policies underwritten by Aviva, our trusted partner, or other reputable insurers