Temporary car insurance

Will you be driving a car for a short period?
Temporary car insurance is a flexible option that offers peace of mind while you’re on the road.

What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance works like standard comprehensive car insurance. However, unlike regular car insurance, which covers you for a year, temporary insurance lasts for a limited period, giving you short-term cover on a range of vehicles.

It’s a flexible option that allows you to get a policy only for the timings time you need it for. With temporary car insurance from Temp Cover Now, you’ll be protected for anything from one hour to 30 days. This means you can take a 60-minute driving test drive or borrow a friend’s car for a few weeks safe in the knowledge that you’re insured.

It’s easy to set up this limited-period cover. Simply follow the steps and we’ll get you covered well within an hour – in certain cases it can take as little as 15 minutes.

What’s included with temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance from Temp Cover Now provides the same comprehensive cover that you get from a standard annual policy. So, whether you need cover for an houra daya week, or a month, you can drive on UK roads safe in the knowledge that you’re fully insured.

Unlike third-party cover, which, in the event of an accident, provides only basic protection against third-party damages and losses, a comprehensive car insurance policy also insures against your own damages. When you take out temporary car insurance with us, you’ll receive fully comprehensive cover against damage to yourself and, the car you’re driving, plus compensating the third -party involved in the incident.

Additionally, this fully comprehensive cover means:

  • you are eligible to make a claim, even if the accident was your fault
  • you can make a claim if you have discovered that the car has been damaged but can’t prove who is at fault, for instance if it was parked on the street
  • we will pay for the car to be repaired or replace the car if it’s lost or stolen, along with paying the car’s legal owner cash amount that’s equal to the loss or damage.

If you’re planning to take out cover with us, you’ll see that you are fully protected for the duration of the policy. All policies are underwritten by Aviva, which is our key partner, or other insurers.

Should you have any questions about what fully comprehensive cover includes or the wording of the policy documents, take a look at our help and support pages or get in touch. Our team is on hand and happy to help you.

What can temporary car insurance be used for?

One of the main advantages of temporary car insurance is that it’s a handy option if you unexpectedly need to drive a car or other vehicle you’re not covered to drive. There are several reasons why you might need this short-term protection. Some of the most common include:

Borrowing a car

There can be lots of reasons why you might need to borrow a car. You could be:

  • buying or selling a car and want to arrange a test drive
  • borrowing a friend or family member’s bigger car for a house move, holiday, or overnight stay in another part of the country
  • needing a motor so you can pick up the kids from school while your partner’s car is in the garage.

It’s most likely that you’ll suddenly need to borrow a car and it’s not planned. However, whether it’s an unexpected necessity or you’re planning to borrow your friend’s car for a little while, temporary car insurance will put your mind at ease while you’re behind the wheel.

Adding a temporary additional driver to your car

We can help if:

  • your annual policy doesn’t cover the policyholder to drive other cars
  • your annual policy doesn’t give you comprehensive cover when you drive other cars.

Did you know? It’s a common belief that all annual insurance policies cover you to drive other cars. This is not always true and it’s important that you check before you set off. If you do have cover, it will almost certainly be on a third- party-only basis. Take out a Temp Cover Now policy and you’ll be comprehensively covered. Any claims will not affect the car owner’s No Claims Bonus.

Making a business trip

Whether you’re driving across town or across the country, you’ll need insurance to cover your journey. We can help if:

  • your annual insurance policy doesn’t cover a business trip to a new location.

Did you know? A common misunderstanding is that annual insurance policies that cover commuting allow business trips to any location – they don’t! Commuting use only covers journeys to or from your regular place of work, so this could exclude cover if you visit a client, attend a training course, or help at a local branch. Our temporary car cover insures you for full business use, apart from the carrying of goods or passengers for hire or reward.

24-hour car insurance is for any situation, such as:

  • when the annual policyholder gets taken ill and you need to take over the driving
  • needing to share the driving on a long journey
  • taking a SORN vehicle for an MOT (subject to underwriter)
  • when you’ll be driving a bigger vehicle to transport a piece of furniture
  • where there’s a short gap between one annual policy finishing and another one starting.

Whatever the reason for needing short-period car insurance, you can get cover quickly with Temp Cover Now. Simply follow the steps and you’ll be protected in minutes.

How do I get temporary car insurance?

We know that you might need temporary car insurance in a hurry. Sometimes unexpected events happen and you need to make alternative motoring plans for a few weeks.

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to take out temporary car insurance. The process only takes a few minutes. Just follow these three simple steps

1. Fill in our simple quote form

To complete the quote form, let us know your name, UK address and UK driving licence number. We’ll also need your date of birth, occupation, and the registration number of the car you want to drive.

2. We’ll give you a price

Decide the duration of the cover you need, when you would like the policy to start, and if you want any add-ons. Once you’ve told us these details, we can give you a price for your short-term car insurance.

3. Buy and you’re ready to go!

To buy your temporary car insurance policy you’ll need to have your payment details (debit card or credit card) to hand. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be on the road in no time.

Am I eligible for temporary car insurance?

Most drivers aged between 18 and 75 can take out temporary car insurance from Temp Cover Now. This is subject to vehicle and underwriting criteria. Whether you need cover for an hour, a week, or a month, we can insure most UK-registered vehicles as long as you meet our underwriters’ specific conditions.

You could be eligible for temporary car insurance if you’re 17 and a learner driver. We have temporary learner driver insurance, which is a separate type of cover for drivers who haven’t passed their test yet.

Additionally, we offer temporary van insurance for those who need it. Again, this is a separate type of cover.

Please note: Our temporary car insurance is not available for impounded vehicles.

How much does temporary car insurance cost?

Temp Cover Now offers some of the cheapest temporary car insurance policies on the market. Prices start at just £19 per day for one-day cover. We’ve made it easy for you to know exactly how much your insurance policy will cost. Once you’ve completed the quote form, you’ll see how little your temporary car insurance cover could cost.

How long can I have temporary car insurance for?

The main advantage of taking out a temporary car insurance policy is that you have a choice of short-term timeframes, making it a flexible option if you need last-minute cover. Take your pick from the following timings:

Whatever the amount of time you need cover for, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our UK temporary car insurance policies are underwritten by our key partner, Aviva, or other insurers. These policies are all available on a comprehensive basis.

Other benefits include:

  • it’s convenient
  • it offers peace of mind
  • it’s simple to buy
  • it’s fast, with cover coming into effect in as little as 15 minutes after purchase.

Additionally, our temporary car insurance includes business-use cover. This makes it a useful option should you have a last-minute client meeting or business event to attend. The majority of our temp car insurance policies also offer a range of optional extras such as comprehensive European cover and daily breakdown cover.

Furthermore, we guarantee that we’ll update the Motor Insurance Database (MID) every seven days and in some cases more often. We always recommend that you carry your certificate of insurance on you, during your period of cover.

Why choose Temp Cover Now short-term car insurance?

Temp Cover Now’s short-term car insurance is a great option when an annual policy doesn’t give you the flexibility you need – whether you want great value by the hour or something slightly longer.

Insurance from 1 hour to 30 days

Great-value cover available to buy in minutes

All policies provide comprehensive cover

Policies are underwritten by Aviva, our key partner, or other insurers