Temporary motorhome & campervan insurance

Always wanted to borrow a motorhome for a family trip? We can help.

How does temporary campervan insurance work?

Our policies put you in control, so you only pay for the insurance you need. You can have cover for one hour to weekly insurance, for up to 30 days.

1. Fill in our quick and easy form

All we need is a few details about you, including your driving licence number and the details of the motorhome you want to drive.

2. Find out the cost

Tell us how long you need motorhome cover, when you’d like that cover to start and whether you require any add-ons such as breakdown cover.

3. Pay and start your adventure!

To finalise your temporary motorhome insurance, you’ll just need your debit or credit card.

What is temporary motorhome insurance?

Temp Cover Now motorhome insurance allows you to get temporary cover (up to one month in a policy). It’s great if you are borrowing a campervan or motorhome from a friend or family member and don’t want to adjust your own annual insurance policy or the vehicle owner’s.

Also, with a Temp Cover Now policy, you can have peace of mind that should something happen, it won’t affect your No Claims Discount.

Uses of short-term motorhome insurance

Our cheap motorhome insurance can cover a wide range of scenarios:

  • you own your motorhome or campervan and want to lend it to family or friends – our temp motorhome insurance allows them to drive with no threat to the No Claims Discount on your annual policy
  • you want to borrow or hire a motorhome – we can provide temp motorhome insurance that covers you for any period from one hour to 30 days
  • you want to hire out a motorhome you own – our short-term motorhome insurance can provide the user (or ‘hiree’) with the comprehensive cover that fully protects your asset.

If you own a motorhome and want to hire it out (to hirees), please bear in mind this important point:

To buy or arrange temp insurance for motorhomes or campervans on your hiree’s behalf, you must be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If you aren’t, you should direct the hiree to this site, where they can buy our temp motorhome insurance themselves. There’s more about the Financial Conduct Authority on the FCA website.

Why choose Temp Cover Now short-term motorhome insurance?

Temp Cover Now short-term insurance cover for motorhomes and campervans have lots of benefits including:

Insurance from 1 hour to 30 days

Great-value cover available to buy in minutes

All policies provide comprehensive cover

Policies are underwritten by Aviva, our key partner, or other insurers